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  • 6.7-fluid ounce tube of Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Face Scrub, with 2% salicylic acid acne medication to help treat breakouts while gently exfoliating your skin
  • Maximum-strength salicylic acid formula for acne-prone skin gently exfoliates to help clear breakouts, and helps prevent breakouts with MicroClear technology shown to boost delivery of salicylic acid acne medication to the source of breakouts
  • Facial scrub contains exfoliators and skin conditioners to help smooth away roughness for clearer, healthier-looking skin. Acne wash is infused with naturally-derived pink grapefruit extract plus vitamin C
  • Acne-prone face wash works to cut through pore-clogging oil, allowing salicylic acid to penetrate to the source of breakouts and blackheads, unclogging congested pores and removing dirt and impurities
  • Foaming oil-free daily face wash comes from the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Acne Brand and is suitable for use in a regular skincare routine
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  1. Crescensio

    Only wash that doesn’t break me out

    Leaves skin feeling soft and invigorated.

  2. Douglas D. Myers


    Works Great


    Great for skin

    Great for exfoliating and has a great scent.

  4. Maria Guzman


    Deja la cara súper limpia y divina

  5. Nick Capone

    Deep cleaning scrub

    I love this face wash but hate that it is $12 at CVS. The three pack on autoship gives you more one whole tube for free vs store price!I do not have sensitive skin but I do have friends that can not use this particular product because of the micro plastics.

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  6. Dyleen Otero

    Must have!!

    Nothing has ever worked quite like this! Struggles with acne are NO MORE! I have dry skin and this does not irritate my skin.

  7. AndyGirl

    Great smell!

    I first purchased this face wash as a package set from Costco. I love the scent but was worried it would irritated my sensitive skin. Luckily it did not. I’ve used several different face washes in the past and this is the only one that doesn’t leave makeup residue on my towel after I use it. I have also noticed much clearer softer skin. I just recommended this to a friend as well who notices a difference.I have SUPER oily skin and haven’t found this face wash to enhance the oil, which is a plus. I also like to moisturize immediately after with Jojoba oil.

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  8. MissBriMichelle

    Great for clearing up skin

    This has always kept my skin clear. I now have this included as an amazon subscription so I never run out!

  9. Frugal

    Name brands worth it sometimes…

    We love this product, it is on our monthly subscribe list. Better results than generic version.

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  10. Matthew Cox

    Damaged bottles

    I normally love this face wash; however, I have been using this and these bottles smell terrible. A very odd chemical smell that is not grapefruit. Either they have gone bad or are otherwise defective.

  11. Lori Mcgowan

    Love this acne wash scrub

    Love this acne wash scrub. I am 51 years old, and for some reason have started getting adult acne. Saw this and thought I would try it. I sure am glad I did. It says its a scrub, but it is very gentle. Oh and the smell is an added bonus. It has really helped my acne, and in a gentle way.. Highly recommend

  12. Lisa

    Please never stop making this stuff and please don’t change a perfect formulation!

    I can’t live without this stuff! Holy grail of all exfoliants! I use it on my body as well as my face with an exfoliating washcloth. It smells so fresh and clean. My boyfriend used it once at my place and then few days later called me from Target asking me what this product was so he could buy it for himself as well lol. Please never stop making this stuff and please don’t change a perfect formulation!

  13. Apotts

    False advertisement!

    Paid for 3 bottles as thats what it shows and only got one! False advertisement!

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  14. Maui Dammie

    Good Value!

    I use this scrubber daily on my combination skin, not too harsh despite the little beads. Local store has it locked down and it was a challenge finding an employee to unlock the product. Thankfully it was available on Amazon and ordering is easy. Thank you!

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  15. Stacie Lee

    My all time favorite!

    Best face wash for acne and oily skin!

  16. Quiles Family!

    I really like this product.

    Works great and smells great

  17. Jenna Arisman


    One of my favorite face washes.

  18. Mike

    Might not be the real thing or might be old from sitting in a warehouse for a long time.

    Doesn’t smell like it usually does. Very faint. Might be expired.

  19. Sulley

    I originally thought I was purchasing the original product (which …

    I originally thought I was purchasing the original product (which worked quite well for my daughter over the last couple years), but when we received the order, it said “New and Improved”. My daughter used it for a couple weeks and noticed that she’s now breaking out excessively more than when she used the old product. Unfortunately I purchased the three pack of this product and I’m stuck with it 🙁

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  20. Walter Darbyshire

    Been trying this out to battle pre cancerous skin spots …

    Been trying this out to battle pre cancerous skin spots. Instead of paying the Dermatologist every three months to “freeze” patched of concern…scrubbing my face and even into my hairline everyday with this has completely cleared up these patches. Anecdotally, this method has worked for the last three months and saved me trips and money to the Dermatologist. I follow it up with EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 to protect skin during the day (contains Zinc Oxide 9%)

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  21. Amazon Customer


    Order a 3 pk. I got 1 bottle.. also.. waited over a week for shipmentIf one bottle comes, revise the listing

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  22. Caregiver

    Good exfoliator

    not fond of the grapefruit smell, but that’s a personal preference. if you like grapefruit, this is a good economical puchase.

  23. Jessica

    Luv this

    Great value for your money and the scrub always gets my skin together especially these stubborn little break outs I believe we are all getting from wearing a mask.

  24. Sherrie Chatmon

    Great package deal.

    Love this product. Keeps my skin glowing and free from breakouts.

  25. Rhonda tate

    Works great for my teenage son and his breakout

    Works great for my teenage son and his breakout

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  26. Michele Elizabeth

    Effective and gentle.

    This is my 17 year old son’s go to face wash. Effective and gentle.

  27. Grace Polo

    My favorite face wash

    My favorite face wash! Have been using it for over 8 years! I have very oily skin so it dries it out just enough.

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  28. Amazon Customer

    Good product

    It’s makes my face feel so soft my smooth

  29. TB

    Will remain loyal to neutrogena.

    Love this brand. Neutrogena always comes through. The scent is wonderful and the exfoliating microbeads are great for my acne prone skin. It is also non- drying. I have never had a problem with dry skin even using this product daily.

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  30. Mark

    Love this.

    Love it love it love.

  31. Amazon Customer

    The smell…

    I use this product every evening as I wash my face and remove the daily residue of the tinted sunscreen that I use. I LOVE the smell…it smells so fresh. I ended up buying same (non scrub though) for morning use. Great value for the money for sure!

  32. Karina

    LOVE it

    LOVE this product. It is the only thing that works on super sensitive skin

  33. Amazon Customer

    Ridiculous price

    The price, for this one bottle is ridiculous! When I hit the “order again” button…I assumed it was the same 3 pack I’ve always ordered.

  34. Aaron Ogren


    Man the cleanser I was using before was terrible, and I’m only now realizing because of how good this one is. It’s way cheaper than a lot of the other ones, it makes your skin baby smooth, and it’s working great for my skin. If you’re skeptical buy it. It may not work as well for your skin, but it’s worth the chance.

  35. Purplescooby10

    Great for oily skin w/o over drying

    this is the only product my family can use that does not dry their very oily skin out.

  36. jesslynn

    Best scrub hands down

    I have discovered over the years that I can only use Neutrogena products on my face (foundations, powders, face washes, and wipes). I have sensitive skin but it is also oily and prone to acne at the same time, and this scrub is the only face wash I have found that will take off all of my makeup with just a dime-sized dollop and leave my skin squeaky clean and prevent and treat pimples without drying it out too much. I would be devastated if they ever stopped making this – customer for life.

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  37. MaddieV33

    This is the only facewash I’ll ever use!

    Perfect for oily acne prone skin! I have used it for years and nothing compared to how effective yet gentle it is on your skin. Neutrogena for the win.

  38. Rafael A. Baronio

    Great product

    Daughter loves it and has worked well for her to control the acne.

  39. Neva Barnes

    I made the mistake of buying something else and my skin became oily and broke out terribly in just a couple of days

    This is the only acne wash that keeps my skin clean and clear. No dryness either. I made the mistake of buying something else and my skin became oily and broke out terribly in just a couple of days.

  40. Nicholas McCarthy

    Great product

    Been using these for years. Works well

  41. Biel

    Amazing stuff

    Amazing stuff

  42. ñañon



  43. Amazon Customer

    Not good for sensitive skin

    I have been struggling with acne all of my life I got this product to help with outbreaks but unfortunately it is just way too harsh for sensitive skin it actually caused more irritation than solving for the acne. I don’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin.

  44. Karen Esper

    Great Product

    Would highly recommend. It has done a lot to improve my skin.

  45. Kristi W

    Five Stars

    Love this face soap…. doesn’t make my face break out at all:

  46. PrimeUser

    Product sent expires within 2 months

    The product sent on October 25th is expiring in 2 months (by Dec 2021). It is unreasonable to expect us to complete using this 3 pack within 2 months. Looks like its from an old stock. Vendor should send 3 new with an Expiry date greater than 1-2 years.

  47. Ana Paula Ghilardi

    Worthy for the money

    The product does a deep facial cleaning just like my dermatologist said it will do.It did make my skin dryer then usual and did show up more acne but it’s just the way the product acts, it does a deep clean from inside to out. You will need a good moisturizer good for your skin type.Also, the first order came only one item but I requested the replacement and the package of 3 arrived 2 days later.Buy it if you want a skin cleaning soap and get rid of the acne.

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  48. SpicNSpanWetBack

    I always love this product

    The price is amazing- considering Wal Greens basically robs you for their store price.The three pack with the price is a GOOD deal, I decided to go for it over the price I get it for at the store and I have greasy oily skin. This product leaves me skin so clear, I don’t need make up at all when using this product.

  49. Clay

    so this is the best buy.

    My wife loves this stuff and swears by it. It’s a lot cheaper on Amazon than at the stores, so this is the best buy.

  50. Liesl

    Only received 1 bottle, advertised as a 3-pack

    I’ve been using this face wash for a few years and it’s great for my acne-prone skin – not too drying, great scent and benzoyl peroxide-free so it doesn’t bleach out my clothes and sheets.I’ve ordered this 3-pack from Amazon 3 times with no problems. However, the last time I ordered it I only received 1 bottle. Returning it for a refund but it’s disappointing as Amazon is so convenient and this is a way better value than the grocery store. Guess I’ll start ordering it from Walmart, they have a 3-pack for the same price.

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  51. CS

    Four Stars

    Works great for my teenage daughters skin.

  52. Wendy

    Muy buen products

    It’s a good product 👌


    Clean skin

    I have used this product for years and love how my skin feels after each use. I use it in the shower during my normal morning routine.

  54. lynn brown

    Great value for the money a good product

    Great value for the money a good product

  55. Sarah Anderson

    Facewash that works

    Only facewash that works for my family. It doesn’t bleach the towels.

  56. Shantau

    Exactly as described

    I got my package on time. It is exactly as described. It is the value size package of 3. I’ve always used Neutrogena, so I’m not concerned with the quality as it has always worked for me.

  57. Rose

    With the money

    Very happy


    Wonderful Product

    Been using for years.

  59. katherine

    Sensitive skin is fine I think

    Personally I religiously use neutrogena products for my sensitive skin. I’m prone to redness dryness and irritation if I use the wrong product. I have been using this specific wash for my face for years now and I refuse to try anything else. My skin feels great and id recommend this as a try if you’re on a skin care journey. Remember we all have different skin types so take my review at face value. I just think it’s a good idea to try it

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  60. Allen Wang

    The name of product is misleading.

    The name of product is misleading. How come only received one unit, when the title saying it is pack of 3?w come only received one unit, when the title saying it is pack of 3? I mean unit price for 6.7FL is normally 7 to 8 bucks, I paid $23 just to receive one? What is going on, where are the other two units?

  61. minh n.

    It’s a good product but not for dry skin.

    It’s good, smells nice, but I wouldn’t recommend for dry skin since it has exfoliating beads

  62. Jenna S.

    Perfect for a hormonal preteen with acne

    Perfect for a hormonal preteen with acne, added bonus it smells nice. We love it and have it on a dash button.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Great price!

    Great price! Face feels clean.

  64. regalo

    Best face wash Ive tried so far!

    This is so far the best face wash I’ve ever tried. I don’t have an acne prone face, my face is pretty dry but this does a great job for my face too!

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  65. Dwight Dyer

    Satisfaction of a good product

    My wife loves this for washing her face nightly. I have ordered several times from Amazon and delivery and cost is always the best.

  66. Amazon Customer

    I love this stuff!

    My skin is so happy about this product! The twice daily scrubbing action clears the dead skin away and leaves me refreshed. A French maid with amazing skin recommended it over a year ago to me. I have used it religiously ever since, and I cannot live without it! I get compliments all the time about my face and I am old. Plus, it cleared up my hormonal acne, so I do not have to take any meds anymore.

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  67. Samantha Thompson


    There is no other like it ! Helps with acne control definitely will recommend

  68. Alicia W.

    Never Fails!

    I have used this product for years and years and absolutely love it! It has always kept my skin clear and healthy, doesn’t dry it out and smells great! Love the microbeads which have a great exfoliating effect.

  69. Luiza Pompeo

    Im a fan!

    This is not my first purchase and will not be my last. I have tried many, maaaaany different scrubs, but none compares to the feel/smell/results of this one. It’s one of the most expensive in the market, but every penny is worth it. I have oily/sensitive skin and this scrub is amazing. Recommend it.

  70. Aspiring Informed Consumer


    It is a genuine product and works well but is definitely pricey.

  71. Wenni

    Five Stars

    Best way to do it is in the morning and night. I love it !! Always been my favorite.

  72. mns

    This scrub leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean without …

    This scrub leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean without over-drying. It does not contain excessive exfoliating material, so it is relatively gentle on my skin. The scent is also refreshing. I would buy it again.

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  73. MariaN

    Value for money and it’s the best for acne-prone skin.

    I have acne-prone skin and this scrub from Neutrogena is the best product that has worked with my skin. I use it daily, sometimes even twice a day. It leaves my skin so clean and bright. I love it. I bought the package of 3 so it’s great value for money. I also use this product for areas of my body where there might be acne, such as the shoulder area or my back and it works great even there!

  74. Skilitchi

    Smells great!

    I am a loyal Neutrogena fan and this wash is another example of a great product. It smells nice and lathers up which I like in a face wash. The scrub is not too harsh to use everyday. I love the improvement in my skin. I like to use it in the shower.

  75. Jackie Sawyer

    Good but scrub is better

    It is good but not as good as the scrub wash that is in the same line

  76. karengersh

    Great for keeping skin clear

    Great for keeping skin clear and blemish free.

  77. Lisa

    Perfect for acne

    Works well for my son face that had breakouts

  78. J J

    I use it, so I compared the price.

    It was better price than anywhere else. If you are not sure , get a smaller pack and try first. I have been used this for years, and I already new it cleans very well with the scrubs and good smell.

  79. josie

    Love this product

    This is a great daily cleanser. My only complaint is the scent. It’s suppose to be grapefruit, but it definitely does not smell like it. Wish it were orange or a true citrus.

  80. Sam

    Best acne cleanser

    Feels refreshing

  81. jackie

    I love the way my face looks and feels after using …

    I have used this product for a very long time. I love the way my face looks and feels after using this product. Great for removing dead, dull, skin. Leaves my face with a nice pink glow.

    One person found this helpful

  82. SC

    … been using this for a few years and really enjoy it. It contains salicylic acid

    I’ve been using this for a few years and really enjoy it. It contains salicylic acid, which is great for fighting acne. The beads help exfoliate, and it also smells great.

  83. Shay

    What i use everyday

    This is my go to face wash I love it. It’s great for those with dry skin and occasional acne. It is the only product that has kept my skin consistently clear

  84. Keianda

    Help clear up my acne.

    This product is really good .

  85. vacuum queen

    Will purchase again very happy with this product.

    My husband uses this it seems to work for him and does not have the bleaching effect like some other acne products. We have had towels and some clothing ruined from other products. This works fine.

    One person found this helpful

  86. Katalina

    My Holy Grail Face Wash

    Whenever I stop using this in favor of something else, my face eventually breaks out and I come back to this. High-end expensive products don’t compare for me. It removes make-up which a LOT of “cleansers” do not. It does not strip my skin. The salicylic acid does a great job deep cleaning my pores to prevent acne. On top of that, it smells amazing…just like fresh grapefruit! (I did receive the 3-pack that was advertised. I see in some reviews that others did not.)

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  87. David McKeen

    Great for oily skin and acne control

    I’m in my forties, and still battle oil and acne. This is the best face wash I have used. It doesn’t dry my skin and it helps control my acne.

  88. Kelsey M.

    Not the same as the store

    The products arrived nicely packaged, however the actual face wash does not appear to be the same as the store bought one I have used for years. There is a bad smell to the face wash when scrubbing. Unfortunately I missed the return window. To me it is not worth the money saved by buying the 3pk on Amazon

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  89. Rebecca

    Love the smell, love the results

    I’m 28 and suffered from terrible breakouts my entire 20s. This is the only product that I found that could help keep it under control. Once I found it I never switched. So now I ordered in bulk!

  90. Ginger Johnson

    Cheaper Than Prescriptions and It Works!

    Son uses this product for his face and it is the only product, outside of prescriptions which are very costly, that keep his acne under control. We stopped paying hundreds of dollars for prescriptions and this and the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash is all he now uses.

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